Westwood lakes

This week 15 Limehurst members had a weeks fishing at Westwood lakes in Boston Linc’s

The complex is set in its own grounds and has a series of lakes, with Kingfisher and Kestrel being set aside for pleasure anglers, I fished both of these water every morning they are full of monsters of all species, the whole place is beautifully manicured and a real picture on the eye.

Accommodation comes in the shape of very spacious Log cabins sleeping 4-6 anglers, some also having their own hot tub! onsite there is a very well stocked tackle shop, great Café open till 7.30 every night and also the mallard which is a bar providing snacks entertainment and competitively priced drinks.

What about the fishing
12 of the members fished a mini series over 6 matches, the results where quite outstanding, first day we fished Osprey, a canal type water which was all about speed fishing, day 1 6 tonne plus weights recorded, Neil Byrne recording 99lb for last in his 4 man section ! that’s a club record nobody wants, he did make up for it, Dave Bennet won the match with 175Lb after going over in two nets !

Dave Bennett 175lb
Mike Briggs 164lb
Eric Thomas 126lb
Alan Richards 120lb
Dave Green 113lb
Mike Hilton 111lb

Day Two fished Falcon
Again the weights where coming from Shallow F1 fishing, again Dave Bennett putting in a big 176.8lb winning net of fish, there was also ton weights for
Dave Green 144lb
Mike Briggs 142lb
Eric Thomas 141lb
Neil Byrne 137lb
Jim Whiteley 133lb

Day Three Fished Skylark
a different type of fishing with this water being a real mixed species lake but once again stuffed with Fish but proved a little more elusive to Catch

Eric Thomas took the honours with 91.15 with Jim Whiteley taking Runners up spot with 84lb and some really good back up weights.

Day Four Fished Swallow
back to a lot of F1’s but a lot more species than earlier in the week and back on the 100lb trail 5 tons headed by Alan Richards with a real mixed bag of fish taken on Paste putting 138lb on the scales
Mike Hilton 127lb
Dave Green 121lb
Eric Thomas 118lb (all on the tip)
Jim Whiteley 106lb

Day 5 Fished Hawk

Hawk had been closed all week due to poor oxygen levels, there was much debate prior to fishing the water, history showed its a real top class high weight pool sadly the day didn’t pan out quite that way but it was a completely different challenge having to fight for every fish.

Winner on the day was Mike Hilton with 68lb, second was Mike Briggs with 66lb, this result really shook up the league leaving Neil and Eric Tied for top spot the result would come down to the last match back on Falcon.

Day Six Falcon.

Tension mounted when Eric and Neil where drawn in the same section supported with Mike Briggs and Dave Green both capable of upsetting the party with Dave Bennett sat in the wings waiting for any slipup.

Dave did his bit putting 192lb on the scales, Eric had 137 Neil put 159lb on the card to win his section and take the title. the match produced 9 100lb weights !

Dave Bennett 192lb
Neil Byrne 159lb
Mike Hilton 147lb
Mike Briggs 145lb
Eric Thomas 137lb
Jim Whiteley 123lb
Dave Green 116lb
Alan Richards 112lb
Tony Rathmill 105lb

summing up this week has been spectacular if your into your match fishing, PB’s where hit all over the place, the company was fantastic the complex outstanding, we have already booked again for next year

Congratulations to Neil on his victory, the final scores on the doors are

1st Neil Byrne
2nd Eric Thomas
3rd Dave Bennett
4th Mike Briggs
5th Mike Hilton
6th Alan Richards
7th Jim Whiteley
8th Tony Rathmill
9th Dave Green
10th Brian Robinson
11th Billy Hargreaves
12th Keith Lees
full scores are on the match section

Happy days


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