2016 Fur and Feather

The 2016 summer series has just flown by, after 9 matches the Limehurst championship had come down to the last match. This years final match was fished on Upper and Lower Benbos at Oldhough, it would be fair to say both waters provided a real challenge as the weather had gone really cold over the last couple of days, this was to impact the match weights.

Going into this match we had 4 possible outcomes between Dave Bennett, Mike Briggs, Alan Wright and Jim Whiteley, the stage was set as we all drew in separate sections Jim Whiteley being on the favoured side of Upper Benbo. at the all in it was quite clear the fish where going to take a bit of catching, pockets of anglers where catching but nothing regular, the sun was out but a cold North Easterly wind really kept temperatures down.

As the final whistle blew the rumbling started as to who had done what, Brandon Pelling came out as overall winner with 57lb 8oz and took the 6 points in his section, the next sections was taken by Mike Briggs temporarily putting him tops of the league, Alan Wright could only manage second in his section, it was quite clear Dave Bennett had caught steadily all day on silvers with a couple of F1’s thrown in for good measure, 36lb 2oz was enough to take the section and the club championship for a second year, congratulations for a top, top, angler and really decent bloke.

Runners and riders on the day

Winner of the Andy Anderson Trophy with 57lb 8oz and £100 first prize Brandon Pelling
Pool 1 winner Jim Whiteley 42lb 15oz collects £90
Pool 2 winner Dave Bennett 36lb 2oz collects £90
Section 1 winner Dave Phillips 32lb 14oz £60
Section 2 winner Mike Briggs 41lb 6oz £60
Section 3 winner Andy Blood 23lb 12oz £60
Section 4 winner Eric Thomas 13lb 14oz £60
Section 5 winner Jim C 20lb 6oz £60

Secret pairs Dave Bennett and Mike Briggs combined weight of 76lb8oz

Sandra Williams took home the wooden spoon (and an envelope)

A great season with some really good results, many thanks to each and every Angler who lined the banks this season, it makes all the effort and hard work really worth while. A very special mention to my partner in crime Brian Robinson without his continued support we could not run the matches. Finally a big thank you to the committee who continually support the match fishing side of Limehurst Angling Club.

look forward to seeing you all next March

Mike Briggs