Limehurst Saturday League

The last round of the Saturday league was played out on pool 2 at Mere Moor with the overall winner already decided, the match went as most the matches this year with John Lowe taking the win with another first class performance and putting yet another ton plus weight on the scales, I think it would be fair to say John has been in a class of his own this year recording 6 straight wins and 4 ton plus weights to win the league by a country mile with 8 points, make no mistake this lad can fish.

The runners up spot fell to Dave Phillips with 24 points and 3rd place was Mike Briggs 27 points, the full results are on the match results page.

Mere Moor has once again displayed why it is such a good fishery, consistently high weights every match, I would like to thank Phyllis for always making us feel so welcome.

once again a big congratulations to John on what has been a master class performance.

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